6 Easy Steps to Hide Folders on Android

Secrets are something we have to hide and cannot be known by others. If on a laptop or PC we can activate the hidden folder feature in the menu properties of a folder.

Stop talking about Windows ...... because we will discuss Android smartphones. Can we do the same thing on an Android smartphone like Windows? It can be guys. We can do hidden folders by using the File Commander application or other file manager applications.

This File Commander is only as a media to find out where the folder will be hidden. Then how do you do it? The way we will do this is fairly simple because it does not need special skills.


  1. Prepare your best android smartphone, what if you don't have an Android smartphone? Maybe a friend can borrow with a brother, brother or school friend.
  2. Android smartphone already exists and then we install File Commander on an Android smartphone. Caution: if the Android smartphone is borrowed, you should ask permission from the owner.
  3. The file that we hide with the folder.


We have gone through the preparation stages, starting from the preparation of the Android smartphone, installing the Commander file to preparing the file that will be hidden. Now we execute this tutorial, friend.

  1. Open internal or external storage on our Android smartphone, friend. Here I give an example by using File Commander.
  2. After File Commander has opened, then select internal storage or external storage on our Android smartphone.
  3. Open in the settings section and activate the show and hidden folder. Why do I recommend activating this feature? So that we can know the folder that we will hide or hide.
  4. Now we go to one of the storage, we can make a folder by adding a dot in front of it, for example, we give it the name of the .folder.
  5. After the folder is finished, friends can return to the settings menu and disable the show and hidden folder feature.
  6. What will happen to a friend? The folder that we created earlier will disappear from circulation and we cannot access it in the normal way. Does it affect the files in it? Of course, the files in the folder will also be "missing" hidden aliases.
Easy is not how to hide a folder on an Android smartphone. This is useful for hiding confidential files so that not everyone can access them: D. If the folder has been formed, friends can already fill in the files to be hidden.

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