iOS 12.3 Can Be Updated For iPad and iPhone

After a few days ago I thought about sharing about iOS 12.3 beta 6, now Apple has released the iOS 12.3 Final and can be upgraded to the iPhone and iPad devices that it has. According to my previous estimates that it is still not final after this beta 6 for iOS 12.3

If we look at the Official Changelog, it can be seen that there are some updates that Apple has made towards this Final iOS 12.3.

1. Apple News +

Apple News + is a service for subscribing to the latest from Apple. By using Apple News +, we can subscribe to hundreds of famous magazines and newspapers.

By subscribing to Apple News + we can download it offline so that it can be read even if it is not online. Is Apple News + available for all countries? Apparently not. This Apple News + is only available in the US and Canada.

2. AirPlay 2

  • AirPlay 2 now supports sharing videos, music and other things from iPad or iPhone to a smart TV.
  • There is a one-tap playback feature that can be used automatically to select the TV broadcast or the last time a movie was watched.
  • The existence of "Siri Suggestion" is now included in the AirPlay feature.
  • There is also the "Intelligent Suggestion" feature that keeps personal information safe.

3. Apple TV application

  • The latest Apple TV application can recommend being highlighted.
  • Apple TV Channel also recommends subscribing such as HBO, Showtime, Starz and other broadcasts. After we subscribe, we can watch the channel directly from the Apple TV application.
  • Subscribe to these channels - premium channels are not only to watch for themselves but we can share with other family members. What is the limit for this share? We can share up to 6 family members without including the latest passwords, accounts, and applications.
  • There are around 100,000 films and almost all have 4k HDR resolution.
  • There are also broadcast recommendations for children.

In addition to the updates that are mostly mentioned above, it turns out there is another purpose for iOS 12.3 updates. What are the other goals? This update is to fix bugs and also to improve some things.
  • Added the ability to follow magazine or magazine from Apple News + catalog.
  • The addition of Apple Music's For You tab features so that later you will be given recommendations for music.
  • Make improvements to the Apple TV Remote
  • Make improvements in terms of the song information that appears on the car display when connected to the iPhone.
As I got from Redmondpie if a friend thinks you want to save an iOS file that is secure or to install it manually it can be downloaded. Like I ever said that we can update it manually or we can update it OTA.

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