An easy way to view deleted messages on Whatsapp

Some time ago, Whatsapp launched a feature that can be used to delete a message. This feature is handy, in my opinion, personally. Why? Because we accidentally sent the wrong Whatsapp contact conversation. You can imagine that before this feature existed, we would be very embarrassed if we sent a wrong message on Whatsapp and couldn't delete it. But how come if I wan to see the deleted message? Yes, you can. I will tell you about an easy way to view deleted messages on Whatsapp.

Besides the way to view the deleted message, I am grateful that this feature (delete message on Whatsapp) is beneficial. Why? As I said earlier, this feature helps when we send the wrong message. Sometimes sending the wrong message will have fatal consequences for our career or anything else.

But something makes me curious, can we see this deleted message? Apparently, the answer is yes. How to? That's the point. We gonna discuss this in this article.

An easy way to view deleted messages

Like I said before, we can see deleted messages in Whatsapp apps. There are some tips to see messages that have been deleted on Whatsapp. I can tell you about it, and there are two ways you can choose to look at it. Well, we will discuss both ways.

#1 By using the application

The first way is to use a third-party application, and we can get it on the Google Play Store. What is the name of the android apps that are commonly used? It's called WAMR - Recover deleted messages & status download.

By using this application, you can perform recovery text, image, and all things deleted by the sender of the message.

There are several things that we must and must pay attention to when using this WAMR application.
  1. Text messages are recovered by your notifications, so we don't put a chat on silence. If you do it, WAMR can't save it! 
  2. We have to remove WAMR from all battery optimization services.
  3. In this case, we have to change this behavior in Messaging app > Settings > Data and storage usage and increase your chances.

#2 By using Whatsapp Mod

The second way, we can use the Whatsapp Mod apps to see the deleted messages. What is interesting about a mod Whatsapp application? We don't need to install third-party applications on an Android smartphone like we do before.

As far as I know, Whatsapp mod has a feature to force people not to delete messages. Then what happens? In their chat, the message is deleted, but in our conversation, this message is not be deleted. So we can still view this message in our discussion.

It's so a nice trick for our nice smartphone.

Which option will you choose?

It seems to me, I will choose the last one by using Whatsapp Mod. Why? Because we don't have to install additional applications anymore so that we can save storage.

You can try both of them and choose one of the best choices for you. Now you find an easy way to view deleted messages on WhatsApp.

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