WhatsApp account is logged in on a different smartphone

Previously, Whatsapp released a beta version and brought a feature called companion. Now Whatsapp released a beta feature called the New verification option. With this feature, the WhatsApp account is logged in on a different smartphone, which is interesting. That hope is not just wishful thinking but can also come true when the final version is released.

As we know, some similar messengers can log in on several devices. May I mention the brand in this article? Yes, let's say that messenger is Telegram. Of course, it's no secret that I was familiar with this feature from the first time I used Telegram. I'm not comparing, but I hope this can also be implemented on Whatsapp. Now that Whatsapp has started to develop this feature, it may be the answer to my prayers and other users.

WhatsApp account login on a different smartphone

This feature will be helpful if the WhatsApp account is logged in on a different smartphone. As we know, nowadays, people have more than one smartphone to spare. If this feature is released, people no longer need to create a different account for a backup smartphone.

WABetaInfo says there will be a 6-digit verification code to log in. This is what I meant earlier, logging in on a different smartphone. So there is a verification that the person logging in on another smartphone is indeed the same user. Why? Because, like Telegram, a message will also appear on the other smartphone, and the news comes from the Official Telegram. This will also be applied to Whatsapp, guys.

The following is one of the screenshots I got from WABetaInfo regarding the verification code. Take a look at the image below.

When is the release of the feature?

We also don't know, and there has been no official announcement from Whatsapp. One thing is sure, this feature will be present when it is officially released on the Google Play Store.

There is one more hope that I want to convey; hopefully, in the future, we can send larger files on Whatsapp. Hehe...

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