4 Best File Manager For Android

In addition to camera applications, office applications, antivirus applications, messaging applications and there are still some important applications for Android smartphones. What is one of the other applications?

Is it interesting with other applications ?? If we want to access files that are in internal storage and external, friend and what application do I use? Mmm ... Right friend, we need a file manager application. You know, we already have the default file manager application from the smartphone, Mr. Rangga. It's true we already have a default file manager application but it will be more effective if we use a third-party file manager application. Of course with various advantages it has.

What is the file manager application? 

A file manager is an application that is used to access internal storage or external storage. What can we do when we can access it? We can add or reduce folders or add folders or we can manage files on our Android smartphone.

What file manager application is required?

1. File Commander 

The first android application is File Commander. I like it when using this application because we can access internal and external storage using the IP Address. Using the File Commander does not need to be in the state of the Android smartphone in root.

2. Root Explorer 

This second application is Root Explorer. This is one of the best android applications for file manager applications. Well, friend, we can see from the name that to use this application optimally if we are in the root state. Why do I say that? Because by using Root Explorer we can dissect more in the deepest side of Android, for example changing the read-only mode into read and write mode.

3. Asus File Manager 

If you hear the word Asus it will be remembered with one of the brands of Android smartphones and laptops. Yes, it's true, Asus is a brand of 2 types of goods. On its Android smartphone, Asus uses this file manager but Asus frees this file manager on the Play Store. Why did they release this application huh? Maybe so that the name is famous without having a promotion that costs a lot. In terms of appearance, the file manager is simple and feature-rich. We will be presented with an attractive display for storage that is still left or that has been used in the Donut diagram.

4. Files by Google 

This application is Google's proprietary file manager. When I tried this application on Xiaomi Redmi 2 with custom ROM 8.1.0 (Android Oreo). What do I feel when using Files by Google? This application is lightweight for use on Android smartphones that have a large RAM capacity.

Now friends can choose 1 of these 4 file managers, which one fits the needs of friends Diandra Blog? How to? Friends can try one by one 4 of these Android smartphone file manager applications.

Thank you, friends, for visiting the Diandra Blog. Hopefully, the article on this blog is useful for all of us.