5 Benefits of Strawberry Fruit You Must Know

A distinctive red color with black nodules on each edge. Beautiful shape so many people like strawberries.

Behind the attractive colors, Strawberry apparently holds a myriad of good properties for our health such as antioxidants, vitamin C, and others. Content - this content can also help friends to help with weight but stay healthy.

1. Antioxidants

In one study, strawberries were ranked as the highest antioxidant content. Antioxidants are compounds that can protect cells from damage by cancer-triggering ingredients.

In an experiment on strawberry extract by the US Department of Agriculture, the extract showed a large inhibition of the growth of cervical cancer cells and breast cancer cells. Some studies also show that ellagic acid in strawberries can inhibit lung cancer, esophagus, breast, skin, and liver cancer caused by the digestion of chemicals.

Phytochemical compounds from strawberries namely ellagic acid, quercetin, kaempferol, phenolic acid, and anthocyanin are known to prevent blood clots, one of the causes of people having a heart attack or stroke.

2. Increases immunity

Immunity is really needed by all of us. What can we get from a strawberry? The content of vitamin C found in strawberries can increase and strengthen our body's immunity so that friends can help fight certain infections. This vitamin C must also be combined with other foods that contain iron so that it makes our body strong.

3. Remove wrinkles on the face

Skin elasticity is enhanced with the help of collagen produced by Vitamin C. According to medical science, the human body loses collagen as it grows older. When skin elasticity decreases, you will look older and more wrinkled. Strawberry as the best natural food with a high quantity of Vitamin C will give the skin a younger look.

4. Reduce weight

This fruit turns out it can also be for friends - friends who intend to reduce weight. Strawberry has fewer calories and is rich in fiber. Because this rich fiber can provide a feeling of fullness if we consume it before eating the main dish. Besides being rich in fiber, the thing that can reduce weight is Vitamin C, which functions to increase metabolism so it burns calories faster than before consuming strawberry.

5. Accurate heart risk

With antioxidants in strawberries such as anthocyanidin, it has a function to help prevent the formation of bad cholesterol. Well if this can be overcome then this risk can be good for heart health. Why? Because this can provide an anti-inflammatory effect.

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